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Amazing Royalty-Free Stock Photos

Depositphotos is your best source of high-quality stock photos in any subject and genre. Our photography collection will open new horizons for your visual projects and would be a perfect solution for anyone who needs high-quality photos at affordable prices.

What is Stock Photography?

Stock Photography are images that are sold with the help of photo stock websites by professional photographers that sell their work on a royalty-free basis. These photos can have wide usage rights or be used for editorial purposes only.

Professional Royalty-Free Stock Vectors

Discover our rich collection of original vector images and illustrations. All of them are easily scalable to any size with no loss of quality.

What are Vector Graphics?

Stock Vectors are illustrations made with the help of a graphic editor and put up for sale on a photo stock website. Stock vectors include icons, logos and pictures. The most popular formats are PSD, EPS, SVG.

Fresh Royalty-Free Stock Editorial Images

Breathe life into your news stories with high-quality editorial files featuring the most exciting events from all over the world.
Selected especially for the particular attention of journalists, editors, bloggers, news agencies, and website owners.

What is Editorial Photography?

Editorial Photos are photos for editorial purposes that are sold on photo stock websites. Images showcase photos of people, events, landmarks or other symbols and can not be used for commercial purposes.

HD Royalty-Free Stock Footage

Get a variety of stock video clips to create any kind of project, from your personal footage to global-scale high-definition video commercials.
The quality of the footage we offer will definitely astonish you.

What is Stock Video?

Stock Videos are videos that are about 60 sec made for commercial purposes. These videos are sold on photo stock websites for commercial purposes. Usually they are used on TV, Internet advertising, or for interface design.