About Jay Morrison Academy

Jay Morrison Academy was founded to give people from underserved communities the financial education they’ve historically missed out on. By teaching the power of wealth building, homeownership, and financial literacy, our goal is to empower people from all backgrounds to create generational wealth and enjoy the freedom that comes with it.

Another Way Out

Jay Morrison Academy was founded by Jay “Mr. Real Estate” Morrison, who, before he was a successful real estate investor, educator, and speaker, was a three-time felon and high school dropout. Now Jay uses his life experiences and personal story of triumph over incredible odds to inspire other people – from at-risk youth to ex-offenders to real estate professionals – to achieve their own personal American Dream.

Your Empowerment Team

“Our group of seasoned financial educators and coaches had been hand-selected to bring a varied group of expertise to the table at Jay Morrison Academy. Smart, strong, and driven to see you succeed, these folks are your support team on your journey to financial freedom.”

Prop Stream

PropStream gives you all the tools you need to manage every stage of the real estate investment cycle as well as access to the right tools and data to insure that your investment doesn’t turn into a losing endeavor. From analysis wizards and rehab calculators, to cash flow reports and comparative market analysis, PropStream gives you all of the professional tools you need to be a successful real estate investor.